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Barfoots Latin America


Peru is the leading global producer of fresh green asparagus, exporting 124,000 tonnes annually to international markets. Barfoots have been working with Peru’s finest growers and exporters since 2003 and are now one of the UK’s leading importers

Our Partners in Latin America

Our growers in Peru are Barfoots extended family, a journey that began 13 years ago! Our Latin America growers have been invaluable to Barfoots, as they are committed and inspired to provide the best quality and exceptional service for our customers.

Peru Farming 1

As growers, we have been able to understand and overcome the challenges that our Peruvian partners face.  By cooperating and aligning to Barfoots core values, we have been able to expand and create a sustainable business driven by innovative solutions that will allow greater return for our growers. 

We began exporting green asparagus in 2005 for Barfoots. We have increased our exports to them year after year. Asparagus has been the main export product in Peru and companies like Barfoots have been most important to us. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to know Barfoots the Company, their team and their owners. Our experience have been excellent in all the way. The standards that have been demanded has made us improve year after year. We feel proud to be part of this family group as suppliers.” Fernando Ferrero – General Manager.

In 2010, we set up Barfoots Peru to be closer to our growers, to the product and to the market.  It has been crucial to our growth and diversification in Latin America. Our office in Peru has allowed us to keep our finger on the pulse in an ever changing and challenging industry.  We have created a 24 hour uninterrupted communication line between our growers, our team in Peru and the UK operations to provide the best availability and supply.

Additionally, as the pioneers on utilising sea freight transport of asparagus for the UK market we have reduced our carbon footprint by 50%. Using sea freight isn’t just better for the environment, it means we can control temperature from end to end and deliver freshness and consistency to our customers.

We are fascinated with the opportunities Latin America has to offer with its endless and exotic products, its climate and its region microclimates! Our team is constantly exploring new varieties of crops in order to continue building our relationships there.

Peru timing 2 

It is my belief that Barfoots in Peru is now one of the most important and reliable customer for the Peruvian asparagus. Looking to invest in the region. Barfoots youth and enthusiasm in this industry has achieved important progress and innovation, particularly on the Peruvian logistics.  I am so proud to belong to Barfoots supply chain team, which has enriched a part of the cycle of my career of more than 20 years in fresh produce. Contributing in the commercial and ethical development through Barfoots has been a rich experience for me.”  Rossana Muñoz – Barfoots Peru team