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Safety First

Health and Safety is not an optional extra at Barfoots, it’s just the way we do things around here

Our Health and Safety vision and expectations are clearly expressed through the Chairman’s safety introduction video, seen by all our employees the moment they arrive for their first day of work.

Health and Safety records and KPIs are measured and monitored through our state of the art computerised Safety Management System (Target 100) which ensures that risk assessments, checklists and safe systems of work are created, reviewed and actively monitored throughout the year. We have an open and engaging culture with the safety and welfare of all our employees at its core. We firmly believe that a reduction in incident rates can only be achieved through a program of individual involvement and accountability for one’s own actions. We are committed to our behavioural safety program, designed to reduce accident rates by making the invisible visible and equipping workers with the skills to recognise workplace hazards and take the appropriate action.