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Food Service

The UK’s food service landscape is undergoing a monumental shift to meet the needs of a consumer who demands convenient, high quality, innovative and healthy meal solutions at an affordable price. Every category of food from snacking to meal solutions has undergone a dramatic shift of menu focus over the last few years, requiring the reduction and removal of salt, trans-fats, sugars and saturates. Alongside the popular culture of celebrity Chef cooking media, this transition has resulted In an increased awareness and demand for exotic vegetable food service provision.

With convenient and innovative now two of the key purchase-decision drivers for consumers; Barfoots has never been busier, expanding into several of the UK’s most popular high-street restaurant groups, recognising not only our outstanding quality, but also appreciating the importance of traceability and ethical sourcing certification such as ETI and SEDEX. Our reputation earned in servicing the UK’s most quality focused retailers has also placed us at the top of the food service industry, where trust is paramount.

Barfoots offers all our customers inspiration, innovation and a working partnership that listens to your menu requirements.  Our full range of products can be supplied in bulk directly from our own farms throughout the world, or prepared fresh-cut in any format required, all to the highest certification of quality and sustainability.

Working from our BRC high-care accredited facility in Chichester we offer the following:

  • The freshest ready-prepared vegetables from around the world 52 weeks of the year
  • Certified traceability and quality:  GAP, SEDEX, ETI, LEAF, Field to Fork
  • In-house development kitchen: recipe and menu development service including fillings, sauces, oils, butters, marinades etc
  • Expertise in sourcing South American exotic vegetables via Barfoots Latin America

    Recent new developments:

  • Fully prepared sweetcorn, all cuts and pack sizes from wheels to whole cobs
  • Seasonal prepared roasting vegetable medleys for chefs (5-10kgs bags or roasting trays)
  • Squash and Sweet-potato freshcuts (all formats: diced, sliced, julienne, chips etc)
  • Winter soup and mash mixes (5-10kgs bags)
  • Vegetable kebabs (dairy proteins available)