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Grown With Love

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Taste the love in every bite

At Barfoots, we’ve always done things properly. We don’t take short-cuts, and we don’t compromise. Our business is built on a strong farming heritage, so respect for our environment and the community around us is at the heart of what we do. This means we grow your vegetables with a considerate approach to nature; farming holistically and reducing our carbon footprints. We reuse all our crop and food waste, converting it to green electricity which we then sell back to the National Grid. Our homemade compost is put to work improving our soils. We do this because sustainable farming and reducing our environmental impact makes good financial sense – as well as for the best tasting veg.

Our approach is the same wherever we farm in the world. We work hard to find farming partners that share our values and invest in them to ensure the highest quality fresh produce is delivered through every season of the year. We believe that ‘Grown with Love’ sums up everything that farming should be. We promise that these principles and values will never change. That means that you can Taste the Love in every mouth watering bite and keep coming back for more.

Our vegetable philosophy Happy Soil = Happy Veg

 Fresh and tasty vegetables can only come from happy soil. Here’s what we believe in when it comes to growing our vegetables with love… Respect – for the land we farm, each other, our environment and the wider communities we work in


Farming holistically means only using methods that reduce the impact on the land, improve the natural environment and encourage biodiversity – like planting ‘bumble-bee’ lower strips in the crops to help pollination, and re-introducing hedgerows for ladybirds that help us control pests.


We are proud of being a carbon neutral business, which means when we import produce from around the world you can have confidence that you’re doing your bit for the environment too. Because we produce green-energy from our vegetable waste, we’re not only 100% energy self-sufficient, but lots of our fertilizer comes from good old home-made compost!