Our People

People are our most important asset. Recruiting the right people is why we are industry leaders

Peter Barfoot, Chairman

We cultivate more than crops. The skills and capabilities of our people make us what we are today: an industry leader.

Like crops, people thrive in the best conditions and this is what we provide. Our supportive and diverse environment helps people excel in both their fields and ours.



We find talented individuals with the drive to push themselves and us forward. This dynamism is our lifeblood.

We provide these people with the inspiration to grow, the opportunities to excel and the chance to be rewarded for their achievements and ours.


We are truly passionate about what we do and how we do it. We know all about rolling our sleeves up and getting our hands dirty.

You don�t have to have green fingers to work for us, but it is important that you share our enthusiasm and our commitment to the way we approach our business.



Learning is essential to your development and ours. We encourage our people to grow in the way they want to and offer training to make this possible.

We provide the engagement, education and experience that our people need to build their careers and lead our business.

Photograph of a training session happending at Barfoots


We are champions of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Our culture is built upon these qualities.

We empower every employee to challenge, develop and improve, and we recognise their efforts with the Barfoots Innovation Award.

A process photograph showing the develpment of sweetcorn at Barfoots


Working for Barfoots is an opportunity to shine. We are dedicated to attracting and keeping talented people, and our working environment is designed to achieve this.

We know that to flourish, people need the right conditions and we are proud of a culture that nurtures and rewards skilled individuals.

Photograph of a machine  organising green beans grown on the Barfoots UK farm


Investors in people

Investing in our people and the environment they work in helps us deliver the service that makes us industry leaders.

This is why benchmarking our performance against Investors in People standards is so important. It is part of our strategy for sustained success.

Logo for the Investors in People Bronze award for Barfoots

Armed Forces Covenant

We are proud to have signed the Armed Forces Covenant, a commitment to honour and support the Armed Forces Community. Recognising the value they contribute to our business and country, we commit to treat with fairness and respect those who serve or who have served in the armed forces, and their families.

Logo for Armed Forces Covenant


We hold ourselves to very high standards in everything we do. We take great pride in our conduct.

This commitment is reflected in the way we work, how we safeguard our people, the projects we invest in and the goals we achieve.

Careers at Barfoots

We need talented individuals in all sorts of fields. Our business offers a range of opportunities and roles.

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