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Following the sun

Barfoots has been working with the finest growers in Latin America since 2003, when we first started importing high-quality produce from Peru.

We established our own office in 2006 and today this business is an integral part of our global operations, helping to ensure our year-round supply schedule.

Asparagus in abundance

Our primary crop in Peru is asparagus, partnering with local growers and our investment in farming in the country has made us the largest importer of this product into the UK.

We continue to expand our presence in Peru. Our investments include farmland in the Nazca desert region, which is located in the south of the country.


The climate in Peru is perfect for growing high-quality semi-exotic produce. The plentiful sunshine, abundant ground water and sea-cooled air are ideal for our farming.

While asparagus is our principal focus, we grow other crops in the country and are investing in expanding our range.

Produce we grow in Latin America*/?>

Produce we grow in Latin America

Butternut squash
Sweet potato

Argentinian sweet potatoes

Collaborating with local growers, Barfoots Latin America have developed the first ever export of Argentinian Sweet Potatoes, transported by sea to minimise the carbon footprint.

We identified there were parallels in conditions between San Pedro, Argentina and North Carolina, USA where the majority of sweet potatoes come from. First trialled in 2019, Argentina is now a unique, scalable contingency to USA crop where extreme weather conditions have increasingly risked production.


When we develop farmland, we invest in the communities that it supports and that helps us grow.

As part of our growth in Nazca, we are bringing employment and education to a relatively underdeveloped region.

In the Ica region, we are part of a project whose principal goal is the restoration and conservation of native vegetation that is vital to the local ecosystem and the industry that relies on it.


Barfoots Latin America plays a critical role in ensuring we deliver quality produce to our customers throughout the year. Our experienced local team and our UK operations make sure we maximise availability.

We export primarily by sea, and are investing in further innovation to increase efficiencies and minimise our environmental impact. Greater use of sea freight has cut our carbon footprint by 50%, making Barfoots one of the European importers of asparagus with the lowest carbon footprint.’