There's more to us than farming, from whole produce to bespoke prepped vegetables, we provide quality innovative fresh produce solutions from field to fork

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Team work makes the dream work

From crop development through to the delivery of premium prepared and whole fresh produce into depot, we manage the whole process end to end. We take every care and attention to detail to ensure our product delights and is delivered as efficiently as possible.

With over 100 different types of roles and a breadth of specialisms, our team is crucial to this process and our success. See Careers to learn more about our people culture and opporunities.

State of the art facilities

We have two packaging sites in the UK, both are situated in West Sussex with bespoke state-of-the-art processing and packaging machinery.Sefter is the larger site covering our entire sweetcorn operation, in addition to our other whole head and prepped products. Our adjacent Leythorne facility is dedicated to the preparation of our premium produce such as asparagus and Tenderstem.

We invest in technology to be a more sustainabe business: Our waste material is converted to energy to power our entire operations and fertilise our crops, our waste water is converted to irrigation, and we automate wherever possible to reduce labour dependency. See Sustainability to learn more.

Vital logistics

Storage and delivery are crucial to the success of our business. Over the years we’ve streamlined our process to keep customer costs and carbon footprint to a minimum.

Our experienced team are continually striving to make advances in these areas, adapting and overcoming challenges to deliver the best quality fresh produce to the shelves as efficiently as possible.

Finding the next big thing

You’ll have seen courgetti spaghetti, butternut squash noodles and sweetcorn ribs before but you might not know that they originated in the Barfoots Innovation Kitchen.

We’ve been ideating, developing and testing new products and successfully getting them onto retail shelves, into restaurants and home kitchens for decades so we know what it takes to make that happen.