Barfoots Senegal

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Following the sun

Established in 2006 as a small test farm, Barfoots Senegal is now one of our most important supply hubs, with large-scale growing, packing and exporting capabilities.

The business spans thousands of acres of farmland and produces a wide range of our specialist crops.

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Our farms in northern Senegal play a key role in our ability to offer a year-round supply of quality produce to our customers.

The headquarters of our business is located on the site of our original test farm in Diama, which is just 30km from the city of St Louis, on the Atlantic coast.

Our experienced management team looks after a local workforce of over 3,000 people. These employees help us farm over 3,000 hectares across three sites.


Senegal has an ideal climate for growing high-quality semi-exotic produce that allows us to benefit from a 12-month cropping season.

The dry and sandy land that we farm is reclaimed open bush and scrubland, and enjoys abundant sunshine, long daylight hours and a guaranteed source of fresh water from the nearby Senegal River.

Produce we grow

Baby corn
Butternut squash


Barfoots Senegal supports over 10,000 people, providing employment, education and infrastructure for communities affected by poverty.

Every year we re-invest a portion of our profits in the social and economic development of the local communities whose people play a vital role in our business.

Our projects involve building schools, providing medical facilities, employing doctors and running healthcare courses. This commitment benefits our operations and gives local people a platform for independent development.


One of the primary advantages of our business in Senegal is its proximity to Dakar, which is a major hub for sea freight and is well served by quality logistics facilities.

The capital city boasts excellent shipping connections to northern Europe. It takes six days for our cargo to arrive at ports on the south coast of England, which are only a short distance to Barfoots UK headquarters, in Chichester.

This means we can operate an unbroken cool chain from our packing facilities in Senegal to our customers in the UK, delivering the finest fresh semi-exotic produce throughout the year.