Courgettes were the first vegetable that Peter Barfoot grew in the early days on his small holding, seizing opportunities to develop, this quickly scaled up to supplying major retailers.

Courgettes, also known as Zucchinis, like warm, sunny weather. During the English summer, courgettes can grow from a small flower to a full sized fruit in a matter of days. This makes them one of the freshest vegetables available during summertime.

Courgettes are nutrient rich and a particularly good source of potassium (as much as bananas!), vitamin C and folic acid. They are delicious simply roasted, steamed or thinly sliced raw into ribbons and drizzled with your favourite dressing…a blank canvas to get creative!

With integrated production in the UK, Spain and Morocco, we offer a consistent, reliable supply of courgettes all year round.

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