Prepared Products

You’ll have seen courgetti spaghetti, butternut squash noodles and sweetcorn ribs before but you might not know that they originated in the Barfoots Innovation Kitchen.

We’ve been ideating, developing and testing new products and successfully getting them onto retail shelves, into restaurants and home kitchens for decades so we know what it takes to make that happen.

If you have an idea or an ambition for prepared veg, we can help make that a reality. All products are available pre-cooked, plain or seasoned and in a variety of weights, shapes and sizes. Examples are below.

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Sweetcorn ribs

Succulent and juicy, our prepared sweetcorn ribs are an easy and delicious addition to the shelf or menu. Fun and tasty, loved by adults and kids, as a snack or side.

Available pre-cooked with our unique FreshLock™ technology that locks the goodness in and reduces waste, or alternatively fresh, plain or seasoned with on trend spice combinations!

Asparagus Medley

Designed for retail, the asparagus, Tenderstem™ and pea medley is the ultimate spring combination available all year round.

Butternut Noodles

Boodles, as we call them, are a vibrant and healthy alternative to noodles. Perfect in salads, stir fries or seasoned on the side of a plate.