Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato is a powerhouse of a vegetable rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals. Super versatile they are delicious in savoury or sweet recipes.

Sweet potatoes love to grow in tropical and sub-tropical climates. We source our sweet potatoes in partnership with our growers in North Carolina (US), Egypt and Argentina where conditions are ideal.

Barfoots Latin America have developed an exclusive export of Argentinian Sweet Potatoes. We identified there were parallels in conditions between San Pedro, Argentina and North Carolina, USA where the majority of sweet potatoes come from. First trialled in 2019, Argentina is now a unique, scalable contingency to USA crop where extreme weather conditions have increasingly risked production
The overlap in seasons allows us to optimise shelf life by utilising the peak of each supply window.

We work closely with the agronomics of each sweet potato variety and maintain state of the art curing and storage processes to ensure maximum product quality.

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