Barfoots is the UK’s largest grower and importer of sweetcorn, our founder Peter Barfoot pioneered the mass supply of supersweet corn to the UK retailers during the late 80s and 90s.

Deliciously crisp, sweet and golden, Sweetcorn is a descendent of the cereal crop maize which has been an important foodstuff grown by native amercians for thousands of years.

Sweetcorn grows best in sandy soils and warmer conditions. Barfoots follows the sun around the world to offer year round, consistent delivery of the sweetest, freshest corn on the cob, and our outstanding logistics for our overseas crops make Barfoots a market leader.

Our UK farms are geographically situated to ensure the earliest crop possible, with the season running from July to October. We then head to Europe for the Autumn, with Barfoots Espana suppling until early December before we turn fully to Africa. Barfoots Senegal, in partnership with SCL, start harvesting in late November until late May. Then we move back in a northerly direction, with Morocco and then Spain, Greece, France and Germany providing the goods in Spring until we return to full swing in the UK.

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