Barfoots UK

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From field to fork

Our UK operations are at the heart of our global business.

We grow, pack and process thousands of tonnes of semi-exotic produce every year at our farms and facilities.


We began with four employees, 21 acres and a single crop on the South Coast of England. Now we farm over 7,000 acres, employing over 1,000 people.

A business based on a family farm in Botley in 1976 has grown to incorporate the cultivation of a variety of crops across a large number of farms in Hampshire and West Sussex, led by our Farm Director Neil Cairns.

  • Abshot Farm since 1986
  • Sefter Farm since 1992
  • Isle of Wight Farm since 1993
  • Trotton Farm since 2007
  • Broadlands Farm since 2009


We take great care over what we farm where. We only farm crops in the UK that are suited to the local soil and weather conditions.

The warm soil and mild climate in southern England allow us early and late seasons of some crops, while the high levels of light are ideal for growing certain premium produce.

Back in 2015, the BBC series Harvest visited Barfoots and talked to our pioneering founder, Peter Barfoot.

Produce we grow in the UK

Caulishoots â„¢
Squash & Pumpkin
Tenderstem® broccoli


Supplying quality produce throughout the year requires a commitment to ensuring the best possible conditions for growing crops.

We work hard to make sure that we achieve this goal and we are constantly innovating to ensure that this drive never slows.

We are working with novel imaging and aerial mapping technologies, whilst also using biospectroscopy and pesticide distribution analyses on our farms. At the same time, we are developing automatic and robotic laser weeding and selective harvesting technologies.

Barfoots Cropping

A few miles from our HQ, Barfoots Cropping is situated on the West Sussex coast, known for maximum light levels.

Established in 2015, Barfoots Cropping now produces over 10 million British Chillies a year.