FreshLock® by Barfoots to be showcased to food service industry at HRC

FreshLock®, by award winning sustainable growers Barfoots, is a revolutionary vegetable innovation that reduces food waste and saves time in the kitchen, whilst delivering freshly picked flavour and crunch.

The FreshLock® process gently pasteurises vegetables, extending the life whilst retaining the natural goodness. The life is extended by 5-10 times that of fresh produce which means the waste can be reduced and stock levels managed more effectively.

Free of artificial preservatives or additives, FreshLock® sweetcorn is high in fibre, contributes to 5 a day, and answers growing consumer demand for delicious, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan food. FreshLock® sweetcorn is available in a variety of cuts, such as bites and ribs, ready to eat or taking just a couple of minutes to reheat, it will improve efficiency in the kitchen too.

FreshLock® is currently available to the food service sector directly from Barfoots and through global food service leader Sysco’s subsidiaries Fresh Direct and Brakes.

“As the UK’s largest foodservice fresh produce provider, we put the customer at the very heart of our business from the field through to the delivery. Working in partnership with companies like Barfoots whether through FreshLock® or other vegetables, allows us to really focus on what the customer wants and ensure that we are delivering exactly what they need to support their business.” Sarah Phillips, Sysco.

FreshLock® is exclusively produced by award-winning sustainable growers Barfoots. Founder Peter Barfoot has a CBE for Services to Sustainable Farming and his ethos to “look after the land like we are going to farm forever” is at the core of the business. FreshLock® is also processed in a factory which is powered by its own waste.

Barfoots are the sweetcorn experts, and having pioneered the mass supply of supersweet corn to the UK retailers during the late 80s and 90s, Barfoots continues to be the UK’s largest grower and importer of sweetcorn.

With the highest light levels in the UK and a natural wind break of the Isle of Wight, Barfoots’ farms on the South Coast ensure the highest quality corn with a season that runs from July to October. Barfoots follows the sun to offer a consistent delivery of the sweetest, freshest corn on the cob 365 days of the year, with Barfoots España and Barfoots Senegal providing the supply outside of the UK season.  The corn is transported via an optimised cool chain, by road, rail and sea to minimise carbon.

In addition to FreshLock® and Sweetcorn, Barfoots has also pioneered and continues to supply a number of semi-exotic vegetables including courgettes, squash, sweet potatoes, asparagus, chillies, and Tenderstem®.

Barfoots will be showcasing FreshLock® at Hotel Restaurant & Catering at the ExCel London 20 -22 March.

“Barfoots strives to bring new and exciting ways for consumers to enjoy vegetables and we have a rich history of doing so. We’re super excited about this innovation that in addition to providing a delicious product, also addresses key sustainability issues. We have big plans for FreshLock® and can’t wait to share it at HRC!” Kim Barfoot-Brace, Barfoots Brand & Marketing Manager.

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