Cultivating excellence

Our philosophy has not changed since our first farm:
look after the land like you are going to farm forever

The Barfoots Story

Growing, processing, packing and marketing semi-exotic produce

Growing is in our nature. Over 40 years ago, we started life as a small family farm with a handful of people and a modest range of crops.

Today, we’re a global farming and food business working thousands of acres and employing thousands of people around the world to grow, process, pack and market a range of fresh produce.

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Our products

Unrivalled quality and freshness

How we grow our crops is very important. We combine traditional farming techniques with innovative, modern cropping practices to ensure unrivalled quality and freshness.

We do this the world over, working in the UK, Senegal, Spain and Peru, as well as in many other countries, to ensure a year-round supply of premium produce.

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Where we farm

A global family of innovative growers

Our global family gives us the ability to grow our crops and deliver our produce throughout the year.

Farming thousands of acres in the UK, Europe, Africa and Latin America, we grow our crops in the best conditions to ensure that we always supply fresh produce of the highest quality.

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Protecting our environment and yours

Our philosophy hasn’t changed since we started working our family farm. Today, as a global business, we’re as dedicated as ever to nurturing the land we farm and the local communities of which we are a part. This commitment is at the heart of who we are and what we do.

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Our people

Nurturing careers

When we talk about cultivating excellence, we’re not just referring to produce. We’re also talking about people. We provide a supportive and diverse environment in which people can develop their skills and capabilities to become leaders and pioneers in their fields and ours.

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Mad about veg

Cooking with fresh vegetables is a joy. There are so many delicious dishes you can create using the produce we grow.

Sweetcorn baked with crispy bacon and melted cheddar cheese

by Barfoots

Sweetcorn baked with crispy bacon and melted cheddar cheese
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Roasted & spiced sweet potato and butternut squash soup

by Paul Welburn

Barfoots Raw and Grilled Asparagus , broccoli puree , Braised Pork Cheek by Paul Welburn
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Sweetcorn grilled with a juicy burger & sticky BBQ sauce

by Barfoots Development Kitchen

Sweetcorn grilled with a juicy burger & sticky BBQ sauce recipe by Barfoots development kitchen
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Asparagus and tenderstem® goat's cheese puff pastry

by Bec Dickinson

Asparagus and tenderstem™ goat's cheese puff pastry recipe by Bec Dickinson
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