Solent 250 Awards…Climate & Sustainability winners!

We’re delighted to have won the Climate & Sustainability award at The Business Magazine Solent 250 awards.

“We’ve been carbon neutral since 2010. A combination of things spurred us to do this, mainly an increase in sweetcorn production that produced waste husks and there weren’t enough cows on the south coast to eat them all. We invested in an anaerobic digestor to take all our waste and generate power. The payback period was quite long but we invested in making the digestor more efficient and in doubling electricity generation to reduce the payback time. We also sell electricity to the grid. We are just about to commission a water treatment plant to collect water from our factories and production facilities so we can re-use it for irrigation. We look across our global supply chain to be more sustainable, for example, using sea rather than air freight, which is also a fraction of the carbon cost.” Keston Williams, Technical Director, Barfoots